Doraemon Nobita Aur Antariksh Daku

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Movie Info

Name : Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes

(Hindi Dubbed as Doraemon: The Movie Nobita Aur Antariksh Daku)

Release Year: 2015 (Hindi Release 9 November 2018)

Quality : (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)

Language: Hindi – Tamil – Telugu

Doraemon Nobita Aur Antariksh Daku-Storyline

In this movie, Nobita and his friends embark on an outer space adventure after discovering a mysterious floating cube in their neighbourhood. Doraemon identifies the cube as a gateway to a virtual space world known as the Space Hero’s Planet.

The Space Hero’s Planet is a futuristic world where various heroes from different dimensions coexist. It is protected by the Space Police, whose main mission is to safeguard peace and justice across the universe. The heroes possess powerful gadgets and abilities to combat evil forces.

When the group arrives on the Space Hero’s Planet, they encounter a young boy named Roppuru, who dreams of becoming a Space Hero himself. However, his ambitions are hampered by a mysterious group of villains who plan to disrupt the planet’s harmony and control its powerful energy source.

Nobita and his friends decide to help Roppuru and the Space Heroes in their battle against the villains. Using Doraemon’s gadgets, they transform into their own Space Hero alter-egos and join forces with the other heroes in an epic battle to protect the planet and its people.

Throughout their journey, Nobita learns important lessons about bravery, teamwork, and the responsibilities of being a hero. The movie also explores themes of friendship and perseverance as the characters face various challenges in their quest to restore peace to the Space Hero’s Planet.

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes” is an action-packed and thrilling installment in the Doraemon movie series, focusing on futuristic technology, heroism, and the power of unity.

Please note that if any newer Doraemon movies were released after 2021, the storyline might differ, and I wouldn’t have information about them.

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